Entry #1

New Flash in Progress

2007-11-22 20:47:55 by heather-lanham

Working on a new flash project and some new audio, I haven't been submitting due to college, my job and my horrible music-recording software. I'm getting some conversion software and bringing my NG account back to life, LIVVVE LIIIVEEEE! *lightning strikes*IT'S ALIVVVVEEE! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!
in progress:

Gaia's lullaby re-done and with better music/puff-free vocals
Some homemade from scratch loops
some broadway-style stuffs
a flash that MAY ACTUALLY have a plot. no promises.
and some other stuff I don't feel like posting... :D
also, note the new avi and icon. ^_^ I made em' myself.


New Flash in Progress


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2007-12-18 22:29:28

You most definatly have the talent to take your voice to new levels. What I would suggest is try to write a complete song of lyrics and have a song composed to it. If you need that done, I would be more than happy to help you.

I think your work so far is great, you just need the right tools.

Take care!


2008-07-07 17:18:12

Looks good. Best Wishes, Ice


2008-08-31 18:58:05

All good news. In a time when so many of my friends and supporters have dissappeared, it was nice to hear back from you. If you need me, I am there for you, always. I would LOVE to see some major/complete work from you. I would love to hear a complete song. Your work has such potential I would love to see it gain the trophies it would deserve.